Command line nerd

As a command line geek, I always have at least one open and tend to use it for everything on my machine.

HomeBrew is a very convenient tool to install command line tools to your Mac without cluttering up your environment. You can use it like your Linux friends are using apt-get or yum and it feels really nice.

One thing that your friend can do and you cannot, is installing Google Chrome only using command line, this is where HomeBrew Cask comes to the rescue.

Installation guide

Cask will be up and running in a very few steps :

$ brew tap phinze/cask
$ brew install brew-cask
$ brew cask install dropbox #for example

Usage hint

This tool is really nice because it allows you to script your machine setup. No more headaches forgetting the installation of when you want to use it.

Don’t hesitate to add a small script in your .dotfiles to seed your software on new machines, and if your preferred software is missing, it is really easy to add new casks.

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