Arquillian testing

Arquillian testing is very convenient to get a full environment deployed on an application server and test quickly. However sometimes we need to debug what’s inside.

Launch Maven in Debug mode

One way of doing it can be launching Maven in debug mode with the mvnDebug command instead of the classical mvn. It will open a JPDA debugger on port 8000 by default, you then just need to connect to it with your preferred IDE. But, if there is forked processes, you won’t be able to debug inside them.

Launch Failsafe Integration Tests in Debug mode

When using Arquillian, there is a high probability that Arquillian is running in a forked process (with embedded containers).

There is an easy way to tell maven-failsafe-plugin to wait for a debugger when starting : use the -Dmaven.failsafe.debug property.

You can even specify the options as you would in $JAVA_OPTS to change ports / wait…

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