So, here we are, from fail0verflow team'sĀ announce at 27c3, Playstation 3 security is no more. It's a good thing for homebrews, the return of otherOS and media center happyness. As from many of you might know, GameOS is exposed since the famous PSGroove thing. But we still were not able to boot on totally hand made code. The thing the team found is a critical error in implementing their random number generator used in signing code : it returns a constant value (those who are not afraid with mathematics can have a look there to understand). To be clear, we got the way to sign arbitrary code, and Sony can't do anything about this !

The bad thing is it surely will bring a lot more piracy on the PS3, I hope Sony will still be able to detect altered game to keep online entertainment possible !

Dark Mode iOS Snapshot

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Published on December 31, 2020

macOS tools checklist

Published on December 06, 2020