Like many terminal geek, I have a bunch of dot rc files allowing me to configure my environment. While this is a very powerful way to setup an environment, it is painful to log in a machine and set it up like you are used to, you often discover too late your favorite alias is missing.

I found a nice way to manage this thing by browsing the github account of one of a man coming frequently to the Tours Java User Group meetings. It is commonly called dotfiles and can not be better named I found.

I forked the repository to customize it to my needs, it is now possible to define aliases and to configure the shell on a per machine basis. To install, you will only need ruby and rake (manual install is also possible by symlinking the files) :

  • cd; git clone git:// .dotfiles
  • cd .dotfiles; rake install
  • logout and login, or source your .zshrc / .bashrc

Please notice that I am a zsh user, the bashrc file provided should work but it will surely need some fixes. There is no better way than digging into the source to understand and adjust it.

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