I have an issue for quite  a long time with web administration console in Glassfish 3.x. When I try to access it, I point my browser to, the first access shows me the usual "Web console is loading stuff", after a while, by looking at the log, I see the web administration is ready. I then hit refresh, it redirects me to with a (not so) beautiful 404 error !

The discovery

I found the workaround by telling myself, wait, it never asked me to login....

Let's try to hit, well, I got the usual login screen, I enter my login credential, and got redirected to but now it works ! (I tried looking at Glassfish sources to identify and narrow down the source of my problem, but with a quick lookup, I couldn't figure out where the things are supposed to be done...)

The Useful tip !

To make it short, bookmark or be used to access the web administration console for your Glassfish 3.x server via


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