With our modern version control systems, we could assume we know for every single release we make the exact source code revision that corresponds. But, in the hurry of a bug found by your dear clients (or your product owner),  you can't find the corresponding tag in your VCS, it will make the whole patch process really difficult. You will have to find the exact revision, extract it and debug to patch (or backport an existing patch).

I will explain a little trick to make the find the revision thing a lot easier (I am assuming you're using maven to build your projects) : maven-buildnumber-plugin

Hey there, as some of you may know, I am a frequent reader (less frequent writer) on modaco's forum. Specially in the Acer Liquid's section (good device so far with an unbelieveable community). I found a thread talking about the lack of a task switching widget (http://bit.ly/cMYqDt) and so I did my best to do such a thing.

If you want to go straight to the download part, scan the following QRCode with your device, else go to the read more part.

Switcher Widget QRCode

Heya all,

I am trying to revive this blog from a long period of sleep. Let's start today with a little Java trick I made to have a working TinyMCE implementation using Wicket (tested over 1.4.9 and 1.4.13 in my case but I think it should work for any 1.4.x at least, please report successful attempts under other releases).

For newcomers, TinyMCE is a really powerful WYSIWYG editor written entirely in Javascript, it features plugin and theme ability in order to be THE editor to use in your projects. Apache Wicket is a really powerful web framework based on Java EE specs (I think I'll talk a lot about Wicket in here...).

An implementation of TinyMCE for Wicket exists, it'll be the first result you get when you ask your old pal G***** a hand. But, this implementation is a bit tricky to find (outdated links everywhere) and not feature complete (or not fully complete), as I explain in the read more part...