What's Trello ?

Trello is a really nice application to manage about everything you want. The GUI is really cool and simple to use, we are actually testing it in my company and we have a very good first feeling. If you want to discover more, don't hesitate to watch the presentation video and give it a try at Trello website.

Notification system

Trello provides a very nice notification system, instead of spamming you with mail everytimes something happens, it detects your activity on the site and sends you mail only when you're offline / idle. The only thing I miss is the hability to see if I have missed notification in my pinned tab. I remembered of a good userscript for GMail allowing to display the number of unread emails. As I have no experience in GreaseMonkey scripts, I used the previous one as a learning base and did a script allowing to see the number of missed notification (from 1 to 9, and displaying a + if it exceeds 9).
You can see it in action in the blog post picture next to GMail pinned tab in Chrome.

You can download it on userscripts or view the source on my github repository.

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